Friday, October 17, 2014

benefits of lemon tea in pregnancy

benefits of lemon tea in pregnancy Lemon tea is a drink that is very refreshing. Tea-based drinks such as tea is not in general. Lemon tea has a flavor that is very refreshing. The combination of tea and lemon makes the drink of choice of many people whenever and wherever. It was the typical sweet-scented tea and a bit sour. Suitable to be drunk when hot air let alone plus ice cubes. If the air is cold, it is brewed with warm water.

Lemon tea is not only refreshing, but healthy. One of the benefits is lemon tea can lower cholesterol. This is because lemon tea itself is made from materials rich in benefits. Tea contains polyphenols and antioxidants alone were able remove toxins in the body. In addition, the content of vitamin C in a lemon is also beneficial to ward off free radicals and also keep the immune system. Vitamin C is also able to prevent canker sores, bad breath, scurvy or bleeding gums.

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