Monday, October 20, 2014

benefits of sage and lemon myrtle tea

benefits of sage and lemon myrtle tea Those who would like to drink green tea would have memorized it feels right. A little bitter, and contains little caffeine but very good for the body.

In order not to get bored, you can make variations by adding slices of lemon. Lemons are not only beneficial to whiten and soften the face, but the lemon will also optimize the benefits of green tea you drink. A mixture of lemon in green tea will make a different flavor, which is refreshing.

Lemon is added to the green tea will help lower the risk of skin cancer by 70% is due to a substance called limolene that functions as an anti-cancer.
The combination of ginger tea with lemon mixture has benefits such as, relieve stress, overcome strep throat, digestion, relieve joint pain, improving blood circulation flow even prevent heart disease.

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